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New 286bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR on the way

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR - red front
News 17 Jan, 2019

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR is expected to hit showrooms soon, following a realignment of the hot hatch’s range

Saab’s owner gets major cash boost for NEVS 9-3 production

NEVS 9-3
News 17 Jan, 2019

NEVS, the Swedish company’s financial saviour has received a fresh injection of cash from Chinese property giant, Evergrande

Nio launches electric car battery-swap network

NIO battery swap
News 17 Jan, 2019

Installed on China’s G2 Expressway, Nio’s battery-swapping stations can exchange a flat battery for a fully-charged one in 3 minutes

Online car dealers: the future way to buy a car?

Features 17 Jan, 2019

Thanks to the latest tech, new car test drives are coming to your door. We take a look at some of the best online car dealers

EVs cleaner than petrol or diesel cars, even when the electricity comes from coal

Exhaust emissions
News 17 Jan, 2019

EVs emit less lifetime CO2 than cars with internal combustion engines, even in countries reliant on coal for electricity generation